Prioritized Presentation Worksheet®

Remember the number one reason people don't buy legitimately needed maintenance and repair is that no one asked them! The Prioritized Presentation Worksheet® will allow you to present your customer prioritized options in a very transparent way! This approach results in people selecting to purchase an option you present. PLUS it prepares them for future visits, with a clearly presented take-away document to remind them for their next visit. Present a Prioritized Presentation Worksheet® to your customer with one every time!

Now! an Easy, Accurate and Prioritized Presentation in under 2 minutes. The Automate Prioritized Presentation Worksheet.

  1. Pre-populated Menu Prices
  2. Prioritized by Urgency of Need
  3. Payment Plan Options Auto-calculated!
  4. Email or Text to your Customer
  5. Automatically Figures Grid Pricing
  6. Calculates Shop Charges and Tax
Allowing you to quantify and qualify your advisor efforts in selling additional needed services to your customers ... hold them accountable!

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